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Find Your Serenity

Tomoé Nagata Kinesiologist Brussels

with kinesiology

About Me

Tomoé Nagata
 Certificated kinesiologist

I am a pianist by training.  I turned to kinesiology because I experienced difficulties in managing performance anxiety on stage. I have been practicing kinesiology since 2010 when I obtained my diploma as a professional kinesiology practitioner from IBK, the Institut Belge de Kinesiologie. 

kinesiologist Brussels Tomoé Nagata nagata
Qui suis-Je?

When to consult?

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Séance Individuelle


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Relieve shoulder pain !

I tried a session out of curiosity. I do not believe it ! The day after the session, I was able to put on my coat without any difficulty. I no longer have shoulder pain, the pain is gone.

Sachiyo, Japan

Boy picking berries

Anger crisis over !

My 7 year old daughter had had major tantrums since the age of 3. It lasted almost 3 hours, and nothing could calm her down. After a single session, these anger have stopped and have not returned!

Kaori, Brussels


I saw my aunt transform !

After the death of her daughter, my 80-year-old aunt withdrew into sadness and guilt. In a single session, she took over her life and is completely transformed, to our great surprise!

Chié, Paris

Take care of yourself now?

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