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Online session

If you have travel difficulties such as a immobilization situation.

kinesiologist in Namur

How does it work the remote session?


An interview to clarify your objective via a videoconference application.

Skype, FaceTime etc ... (by phone it's possible too.)


Identify your stresses and emotions that are causing your imbalance by talking with you. Until it lasts about 30min.


Leave our videoconference and I practice to balance your energy about 30min. During this time, you must remain quiet without doing any activities.


When it's over, I'll get back to you. You probably feel the best feeling of well-being.

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Remote session testimony  March 19, 2020

Faithful client of Tomoé, I did not hesitate to make an appointment for a remote session, personally via what's app. It was a difficult moment for me in terms of the anger that turned against my body. After half an hour of session, this anger had left my belly and my jaws, resilience and calm arrived.


I also wanted to work on my creativity, which worked the next day.

More appeased, everything was much clearer and despite this very particular period, I manage, since this session, to find what is good for me in this confinement.


Thank you with all my heart and soul to Tomoé for her presence and her professionalism. She is a very precious therapist and in whom one can have unfailing confidence.


Sandrine Emmery

My son passed his school year.

My son (15) who refused to go to school, a friend encouraged me to give him a remote session with Tomoe.
"He is a high school student now, but he is late every morning. It started already last year and he is more and more absent from school. At home he does not speak to me anymore and stays in his room all throughout the day. I raise him alone and I don't know what to do .. very sad for him. "

I was surprised when the first session was over, my son brushed his teeth, which he didn't normally do. Behavior changed from there.

In a few days later, suddenly he agreed to go shopping and go to the restaurant with me. I felt really happy and I immediately contacted and thanked Tomoé.

After 3 sessions, when I realized, he was speaking normally with a calm voice as if he had finished his period of rebellion. Now he goes to school every day and studies for exams. I can understand the true goodness of my son. I am proud of him and full of joy.

In addition, he had a successful year !!

Ayako Tono, Musician in Tokyo

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