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When to consult

the Kinesiologist?

kinsiology for adult, teenager, child and baby.

to help you overcome in the following cases ...

que soigne un kinesiologue

Physical pains

Chronic physical pain
Backache, stomach ache, migraine

Muscle strains


Chronic fatigue,
Depression, anxiety
Hormonal or metabolic imbalances

comment avoir confiance en sois


Difficulty managing emotions like
fear, anger, sadness
Trauma related to the past


Difficult family or professional relationships
Repetitive patterns
Separation, Mourning

reconvertion professionnel



Trauma following an accident
Regaining energy after childbirth
Surgery or hospitalization
Increasing vitality and resistance to illness
Helping to cope with shift schedules
Improving  posture and coordination skilles

Achieving your goals

Gain self-confidence and self-esteem
Develop physical and intellectual capacity
Achieve your goal
Successful professional conversion

Be in the moment

kinesiologie pour enfant

Children & Teens

Learning difficulties
Dyslexia, hyperactivity, ADHD
Concentration problems
Family or school stress
The high potential or sensitive child



Cry at night


Traumatic birth,

forceps, premature


poor integration of reflexes,


temper tantrum


Online sessions

If you have travel difficulties such as a immobilization situation or if you live abroad.

You can receive the sessions remotely online via Skype or WhatsApp.

Kinesiology in no way interferes with a medical approach,

It gives neither diagnosis nor treatment.

Kinesiology can be a very good complement but does not replace medical consultation.

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